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What your business needs

Listed below and to the right are some details of the various services VSI can provide. Please contact us if you need more information or would like to schedule a consultation.

  • list1PC Tune-up and Cloning
  • list2Data Backup
  • list3Network Troubleshooting
  • list4Virus & Spyware Removal
  • list5Router / Firewall Setup
  • list6MS Office Help

Services Overview
Security Assessments

VSI provides detailed comprehensive security assessments and risk analysis of your business environment. VSI will identify current and potential threats. We provide external unbiased security assessments in accordance with the industries best standard practices.

  • list1Provides Security Solutions
  • list2Physical Security
  • list3Intrusion Detection
  • list4Disaster Recovery Plans
  • list5Site Hardening
  • list6Delivers expert security analysis
  • list7Threat mitigation and recommendations designed to meet the needs of your business requirements.

VSI will provide specialized professional services to support or establish your company’s IT or Security development. To include policies, processes, procedures, administration and management.

  • list1Program Management
  • list2Project Management
  • list3Change Management
  • list4Configuration Management
  • list5Fault Management
  • list6ITIL Help Desk Management
  • list7COOP / Incident Management Planning
  • list8Disaster Recovery
  • list9Secure Storage
IT Support Services

VSI provides specialized dependable and innovative IT solutions catered to meet all your business needs.

  • listDesktop Support
  • listFault Management
  • listSoftware Installation & Upgrades
  • listBackup & Recovery
  • listDomain Server Setup
  • listRemote Support
  • listVirus Protection Installation & Updates
  • listDisaster Recovery
  • listPC Tune-up
  • listSystem Cloning
Network Management

VSI will provide top-level Network management administration and maintenance for your business network.

  • listNetwork Tuning
  • listSwitch & Router Configurations
  • listIntrusion Detection Systems
  • listIntrusion Prevention Systems
  • listNetwork Troubleshooting